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Best golf gps 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2023

Arnold SimmonsHi! My name is Arnold Simmons. After considering 38 of the most highly rated golf gps and testing eight of them for more than 18 hours, we’re find the best golf gps of 2018.

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. In this article, I’ve listed down the Top 3 list. These are the best golf gps your money can buy.

Best golf gps of 2018

Customers need to be careful on how they spend their money on these products. I have a variety of material used in the construction of golf gps including metal, plastic, and glass. Before you spend your money on golf gps, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. You can make a choice based on the my list as you shop.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Izzo Golf Swami 5000 Golf GPS Rangefinder

Izzo Golf Swami 5000 Golf GPS Rangefinder

Distances: F/C/B to greens; layup/carry to hazards & doglegs
Preloaded 30,000+ global course maps; no annual or download fees
Auto course recognition & hole-advance
Not found yet.

Why did this golf gps win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.


Ease of use














№2 – Shot Navi N2 Handheld & Voice Golf GPS

Shot Navi N2 Handheld & Voice Golf GPS

Handheld Golf GPS with Voice
Precise distance to front, center, and back of the green & layup targets, Large font view; Automatic green view (optional function)
Shot distance measurement; Auto hole recognition; Auto hole advance; Digital score card to tracks scores
Cheap feeling construction.
Heavier and thicker.

Why did this golf gps come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture.


Ease of use














№3 – GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

Easy-to-use talking GPS
Distances to front/center/back of the green
Dynamic green view Technology with distance readings from the golfer’s perspective
The front panel is moving back and forth.
Fairly expensive.

Why did this golf gps take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials.


Ease of use














golf gps Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy golf gps, right? No!


The GolfBuddy WTX delivers all the functionality associated with a handheld GPS unit in a versatile, compact watch. It combines a full colour screen and touchscreen functionality with a complete hole layout that shows the golfer’s position, as well as dynamic green view, which provides accurate distances from the specific angle of approach. There’s also shot distance measurement, pin position selection and extra ‘skins’ for stylish watch options when not in GPS mode.

The SWis slimmer and lighter than its predecessor with improved battery life and no annual fees. It comes is pre-loaded and ready-to-play with golf’s only ground-corrected precision course maps exclusive to SkyCaddie users, providing at-a-glance distances to the Front, Centre and Back of every green on its bright, easy-to-read display. It will automatically detect your course and advance holes and also includes a host of fitness features as well as a pace-of-play timer.

GM says: While at the pricier end of the watch market, the Approach Sdoes feature some top-end technology, like its full colour touchscreen display that lets you manually move the flag’s location for more accurate yardages. Hazard and lay-up numbers also aid your strategy, while you can pair it with your smartphone to discreetly check your texts or emails as you play.

GM Says: A sleek and lightweight GPS watch with features including hazards, doglegs and layups plus Green View and the new Garmin AutoShot round analyser for detailed game analysis on Garmin Connect. The watch also doubles as an activity tracker while the AutoShot feature automatically detects every swing, measures your shot distance and records each shot’s location for post-round analysis on your Garmin Connect account.

GM says: This traditional looking watch utilises yardages that have been mapped on foot to provide distances to the front, middle and back at over 35,000 pre-loaded courses. The annual membership isn’t ideal at £39.95, but it does add up to 40 hazard and lay-up distances and IntelliGreen – which shows the green’s shape – to the package.

GM says: The ultra-slim upgrade to the TomTom Golfer is designed to help golfers improve their game by detecting tee and approach shots automatically, which can then be analysed after your round using the MySports app. The watch shows distances to reach and carry hazards as well as lay up points, while the auto scorecard tracks your score. The  post-game analysis gives insights into shot patterns and greens in regulation. Rounds can be studied hole-by-hole in order to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

GM says: The WTis a simple GPS watch offering that delivers simple, accurate GPS numbers for the golfer that just wants yardage at a glance. It can provide nine hours of battery life in golf mode and up to two months in watch mode as well as the usual front, middle and back distances as well as hazard information. The WTalso boasts Dynamic Green View for improved accuracy after an errant drive.

GM says: Pairs via Bluetooth to the Bushnell Golf App to allow the golfer to book tee times, pay, confirm and set tee time notifications all from their smart phone. There is also the option for 3D course flyovers to give the golfer a birds-eye view of the hole. The Excel also has improved battery life – lasting three plus rounds before needing a charge. Additional features include a full frontal optical mounted colour display with auto brightness adjustment, pedometer, odometer and the ability to get up to four hazard distances per hole.


The Approach G30 has a 2.3-inch colour touchscreen for users to see features like Green View and Touch Targeting to provide more accurate yardage information. Thanks to its Big Numbers Mode, it displays yardages in a large font for at- a-glance viewing and also displays a hole view with a moveable pointer. The Approach G30 can be mounted in a multitude of ways, like on a user’s belt, trolley or golf bag, and is compatible with the Garmin TruSwing analyser to improve swing consistency. Users can also get smart notifications for incoming calls, texts.

GM says: This pocket-sized GPS comes pre-loaded with over 33,000 courses, and as well as the front, centre and back yardages you’d expect, it also offers measurements to hazards and run outs, all for less than £100. Auto-course and hole recognition make it user friendly, while its shot measurement feature and different colour options are other handy extras.

GM says: This is the largest unit in this showcase, but that also means there’s more space on the four-inch LCD screen for extra features, like a pinch and zoom hole view that gives you a closer look at hazards and landing areas, arcs that display clear lay-up points and the option to move the pin around the green. Stat collection and scoring is also easy to input.

GM says: The G8’s large colour touchscreen can give you distances from any position on 38,000 pre-loaded courses, all of which are displayed via some of the best hole graphics on the market. Its stat collection and digital scorecard are also great features, however, the non-legal ‘plays like’ distance function that accounts for slope will put many off as it can’t be disabled.

GM says: The SkyCaddie AIRE II comes loaded with stroke-saving features and is ready-to-play with over 35,000 error-corrected courses. Its intelligent automation (auto-course select, auto-hole advance and auto-distance) keeps your hands free. It is perfect for those looking for green information who don’t want to go to any extra effort to get those yardages. If you have been sceptical of GPS devices in the past then this is a great entry model that will give you the perfect alternative to using yardage markers on the course, and will actually speed up your play compared to the old method.

Update: We’ve added the brand-new, high-end Garmin Approach S60. A watch for serious golfers.

Upgrading your golfing game isn’t just about time at the range or on the course, or about splashing cash on new clubs – it’s about trying new things too.

The great news is that activity-tracking and sports GPS gadgets are not only affordable, they’re better than ever – especially for golf.

Get your distance to the green, have your hardware track your shots and even improve your swing – tech is here to improve your game, and these are the best offerings available right now.

Slightly ugly

It’s not the prettiest golf watch out there that’s for sure, but the ScoreBand Golf is also one of the most affordable.

That means you should, understandably, lower your expectations in terms of features though.

Top features include score cards, shot distance measurements and more than 27,000 pre-loaded courses.

Plain design

A premium golf brand, Callaway’s GPSy Sport Watch is packed with features.

The 30,000 courses, which this watch can auto-recognize, are tracked as you play, meaning access to green lay-up and carry distances, as well as hazards and dog-legs.

Basic for the money

Tracking your game without even lifting a pencil is one reason to wear this watch, but other GPS watches also offer automatic shot detection. A prime offering of the TomTom Golfer is analysis of game data using the MySports app.

Ultimately it should make tracking your game easier when out on the course, and enable you to keep working on your game when you’re back at the clubhouse.

While the

Garmin Vivoactive does golf it’s so much more than just a golf watch. As the name suggests this is an activity tracker for steps, but also for running, cycling and swimming, and it even doubles as a smartwatch with phone notifications.

On the golf-specific front you get yardage, lay-up distances and GPS course maps.

It’s also slim enough to be worn day to day, with a battery that goes for three weeks in watch mode or hours of GPS life, plus it works with the Garmin Connect IQ app store, so there are always new offerings being created to improve the software.

Basic screen

Despite its compact size and approachable name, the activity tracker-styled GolfBuddy BBis a serious golf wearable.

This sleek little unit features an LED display, which can show distances to the green as it automatically advances between holes.

It also comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses in its databanks (fewer than some watches on test here, but not by a huge amount), and uses an accelerometer to measure your shots. Plus it’s sleek enough to wear day-to-day as an activity tracker.

Only comes in black

The SkyCaddie Linx GT is one of a kind in that it’s not just a wearable, but part of a package.

Combined with an app and a club sensor, the Linx GT does more than just measure shots using GPS, as it can analyze each swing very accurately to offer improvement tips too.

The company claims the watch’s GPS increases accuracy over apps by up to 300%, while saving your phone’s battery too. The readout on the display will show yardage on the watch, or you can get out your phone for a more detailed course map and shot analysis.

Chunky design

The GoldBuddy WTfeatures a brushed metal finish and angular design, which is reflected in the no-nonsense nature of the software.

Quickly updating yardage and an easy-to-use interface is what this watch is all about.

All the usual score-keeping and distance measures are there too, including distance to targets or hazards, dynamic green view and pin placement.

The waterproof watch has 40,000 international courses onboard, which it will recognize automatically before tracking holes itself too. The GPS tracking also works for other sports, so you’re not limited to golf.

Can’t view scorecard on the watch

When it comes to geolocation, Garmin is at the top of its game, with years of experience in military and nautical applications, so a golf course is easy pickings.

The focus on accuracy means measuring your distance to the hole, green or pin is simple and clear at a glance.

Still need to get your phone out to view some things

There are over 40,000 courses preloaded, complete with information like precise yardages to greens, hazards and doglegs.

The Approach S60 will also automatically record the location and distance of each shot, while its PlaysLike feature allows the S60 to take elevation changes between the player and target into account and calculate what the distance will play like.

There’s also SwingTempo and TempoTraining to help you improve your swing, and of course the Approach S60 works with the Garmin Connect and Garmin Golf apps, syncing your data and letting you compete with friends.

All that and it will also work as a general activity tracker, tracking steps, calories burned, distance and sleep, providing you with alerts when you haven’t moved enough and even showing smartphone notifications. Plus, it’s water proof to ATM and its battery will last up to hours in golf mode.

Garmon Approach S2

Included is a digital scorecard, which allows easy tracking of your rounds. After a round, scorecards can be uploaded and saved into a computer. Walkers can track their distance walked with the included odometer. Overall, the Approach Sis a great watch at a reasonable price.

Busnell Neo Ion

The Bushnell Neo Ion comes in third on our list of best GPS watches. This unit features one of the best looking designs of the bunch. Also impressive is the battery life, lasting three rounds with GPS on. The  Neo Ion gives yardages to front, back, and middle of the green. It also shows distances to hazards and layups (up to per hole).

Also included in this GPS watch is a step counter. The screen is easy to read, and displays all the basic yardages. One common complaint is the flimsiness of the band of the watch. It seems to be durable, but for for some might be an annoyance. Overall the Neo Ion is a quality watch that accurately provides all the important yardages.

TomTom Golfer

When compared with the other watches on the list, the TomTom Golfer is relatively unknown. Make no mistake though, this is a great watch that packs in a lot of features. The TomTom Golfer features a unique display that shows distances to green, hazards, and layups by directly displaying graphics on the screen (as you can see in the picture). While it may not be a color display, this provides a simple, but useful visualization for each hole. Unfortunately, some have complained of missing hazards on some lesser known courses.

GolfBuddy GB-WT3

Included in this GPS watch is a digital scorecard. The GolfBuddy is also waterproof, making it a great device to have when you get caught in bad weather. For the price, the GolfBuddy GB-WTis a good GPS watch to start out with that includes distances to hazards (not many in this price range include these yardages).


Garmin Approach Sshow you surrounding hazards and your approximate distance from these landmarks, but it will also track your swing tempo and strength. That data is shared to the Garmin Connect app over Bluetooth, where you can analyze, share and compare your results with those of your friends.

On top of that, the Approach Sdelivers smartphone notifications to your wrist, so you can stay connected without digging for your phone. The full-color touch screen makes for easy navigation, even with gloves on, and you’ll get 40,000 golf-course maps included for free. The watch is rated ATM for water resistance up to 50 meters (16feet), so you can go diving for lost balls in water hazards. It also packs a long-lasting battery, which means the Approach Scan accompany you through your weekend games, rain or shine.

Golf Buddy WTGPS Watch

Those looking for a more basic golf watch at a lower price should consider Golf Buddy’s WTThe water-resistant WTcan track your shots, measure your distance from targets and hazards, and keep a digital scorecard. It’s not as sleek as the Garmin and doesn’t deliver smartphone notifications, but the WTis a solid golf watch for the price.

Zepp Golf 2

Zepp’s Golf sensor clips onto a glove or the top of your club and tracks your swing in 3D, so you can view it from all dimensions later. With the glove mount, you don’t have to keep switching out the sensor whenever you change clubs, as long as you don’t remove your glove.

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

A GPS watch is good for approximately pointing out and measuring your distance from targets and obstacles, but you’ll get much more accurate results from a range finder. Think of it as a measuring tape, except with lasers. The Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder will tell you exactly how far away you are from what you point the instrument at, so you can figure out exactly which club to use.

The Bushnell Tour X is approved for tournament use, as long as the black faceplate is mounted. But when you’re not competing, you can use a red faceplate to engage Bushnell’s slope-analyzing technology.

Free iTunes

The Golf GPS Caddie app for iOS turns your iPhone into a range finder and digital caddy, offering a detailed score-entry system and golf-course information. The device even offers club distance tracking and recommendations. You won’t get the nuanced knowledge a local caddy could offer, but the Golf GPS Caddie app comes close.

Play faster

One of the many golf etiquettes is playing quickly so that you also offer the other players a chance to play as well. With the golf GPS watch, you are able to make the right decisions faster. Whether its choosing the type of club or judging distance.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf Handheld GPS

If you are thinking of becoming the next big golf player, think of buying a good GPS golf devise that will help you hit the target like a real pro. The Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS comes with the sole aim of making the game worth loving. Look at its features and you will see that it is far better than most other rival models. Bushnell, once more, have not let the golfers down and in what can be viewed as another step towards bossing the market, they have brought the Neo Ghost into and here is why it will impress you.

The Neo Ghost has a good display that is meant for ease of the game. The distances that matter most (to the center, back and front of the green) appear on the display nicely arranged with that to the center of the green being above the other two and in a larger font. The golfer can then quickly make a decision on how they are going to take the shot.

You need a strong battery that can take you through several rounds in the course and the Neo ghost has just that. Its battery can last a couple of rounds and at some point, you might even wonder if there is energy being consumed because the percentage somehow seems to drop slowly. The multi-functional clip attachments make it easy to carry the device around during the game. It is legal for tournament play you can carry one and have an advantage over the rest.

Well, if you are looking for improved performance on the golf course, you better look for the Bushnell Neo Ghost. It is a device that can give you the ultimate golf experience and its price is competitive for the market.

Garmin Approach GHandheld GPS Touchscreen Golf Course

When you are looking for a device to help you with the measurements on the golf course, you have a decision to make and it can be tough sometimes. However, the trick is knowing what works best for you. Once you understand your needs, then you have good chances of picking the right one. If you decide to use GPS devices, the Garmin Approach Gshould be in your mind because it is a great addition to your trolley.

The device comes with 25,000 courses from all over the world preloaded. You will not have yours missing in the list because many people who play abroad have not had any complains so don’t be afraid to carry it when you are going for holidays out of town. The maps are offered to the buyer all free.

The Approach Ghas a compact design. Measuring 3.by 0.by 2.inches and weighing below Ounces, you can clearly see that the manufacturer is dedicated to giving golfers the best because compared to earlier models, this one has been a real breakthrough towards offering portability and playability. It is so slim that it can be carried in a pocket.

With this GPS device, easy usability comes to a golfer’s disposal. The touch screen can be used with gloves just fine and sensitivity remains at its best. Of course you may have a pair on especially when the weather is unfriendly or you want to keep your palms comfortable and the last thing you want to do is remove a glove to operate. The Gis water resistant so that it can keep serving you even when the weather gets rainy. The screen can be read without strain even in bright sunlight. There are additional buttons for quick access to the green view.

IZZO Swami 4000 Golf Handheld GPS

Are you a golfer? The Swami 4000 is here for you. The feature-rich GPS device comes to make you a winner. Combining technology and ease of use makes it a great addition in the game. The manufacturers are competent in the field and you can trust them to offer great quality while staying competitive in terms of price.

The device gives accurate measurements of distance to the front, back and center of the green. The distance to the center of the green is displayed in the center of the 1.inch screen. The back and front distances are above the central value with the back measurement on the right and the front measurement on the left. The mode of display makes it easy for the golfer to see the values all at once. The units are either in yards or meters; it all depends with what you are most comfortable using. To add to its versatility, this GPS device can support 1languages which makes it unlimited.

The Size and Weight

Check the size of the device before making the order. If you are buying online, read the dimensions just to make sure it is something comfortable for your hands. The devices have a wide range of weights and sizes with the latest models tending to be lighter and smaller. Currently, there are several that can fit into the pocket. Some can even be clipped on a cap and their light weight means you will be taking the shots without any hindrances. A device that is too big will be a source of inconvenience in the field. Some people can easily lose the small ones so you just have to think of what you need.

Battery Life

When you are enjoying the game, the thought of having it interrupted because of dead batteries is the last thing on your mind. Get a device that has a powerful battery and you will surely have a great moment in the course. It should at least be powerful enough to go several rounds or even the whole weekend. Rechargeable batteries will be best because they save you the cost of buying new ones often. You can find models with batteries that can endure more than hours of activity. The charging time is also an issue. Some batteries take too long to be fully charged and this might not go down well with some golfers.

Screen Size and Screen

The screen display and size information may differ between models. Some golfing GPS techniques possess color screens which will demonstrate detailed pictures of the hazards as well as the greens and obvious yardage to every location. Nevertheless, other models could have a grey screen and just display fundamental yardage to each hole.

Other Factors

Brand new models are launched regularly and occasionally it could be hard to realize the main element differences together in addition to which degree of golfer they are suitable. But if you strategy your preferences by critiquing the buying factors above beforehand, after that whichever of the golfing GPS navigation systems that will you get will match up your requires and you will be ready to strike the particular golf course and begin enhancing your score.

Preloaded Courses

Most golf GPS units/watches will contain courses that will have the front, center, and back of the green distances as well as custom points for courses throughout the world. Additionally, the higher priced units will often times even provide detailed hole maps, which can be a boon to golfers who travel to many different courses.

However, Golf GPS’s have an upper limit to their memory, and can only contain so many pre-loaded courses. The standard is around 25,000, but many GPS watches and handheld units can reach 40,000 and beyond. This can be a consideration if you’re looking for a specific golf course as many as many GPS units only contain the most commonly found courses.

Units with high course counts such as the 38,000 and beyond range will tend to be a little more well-rounded than what they carry. In any case, it is wise to its to check the manufacturers website to ensure that it has to course courses you like to play. Often times, manufacturers will charge extra to load or swich out courses.

GPS apps

If you’re on a budget consider using a GPS app on your smartphone. While they don’t have as many features as a dedicated GPS unit, a standalone application still substitute nicely for an expensive handheld or wrist worn GPS. Many apps offer whole course views and interactive distances but they are not quite as accurate as a dedicated unit. The downside is that GPS apps tend to train your phone’s battery very quickly.

Swings Strengthen Tempo

The great thing about watch based units as they often contain an accelerometer, which will give you real-time information about the various aspects of your swing. For instance, many units will measure your backswing and downswing times and give you a certain ratio to shoot for. And when it comes to swing strength, you will often times be able to compare your current swing and track your average swing strength.

Garmin Approach S6

No company is more better-known than Garman when it comes to GPS units. And they have been dominating the wearable field for some time now. And their Garman SApproach is no less impressive. With the S6, Garman has spared no expense: you get access to over 30,000 national courses, yardage pin/distance views, and an embedded accelerometer that will help you improve your swing tempo and swing strengths. With the Garman approach Syou will also have access to Garmin Connect IQ, which has over 20,000 independently made apps and is growing each day.

Tom-Tom Golfer

A solid contender to the golf GPS market, the Tom-Tom Golfer comes from another expert in the GPS industry. Although the screen is monochrome only, you’ll get all the standard tracking features you’ve come to expect from a golf smart watch. Things like distance round tracking, green view, and layup are all standard here. We also like the extra large display on this unit (around and a half inches) which is a must when it comes to GPS watches. The watch also contains a calorie counter for all of you fitness nuts out there.

Bushnell Neo XS

The Bushnell golf GPS watch is an affordable device that doesn’t skimp on features. You’ll get 33,000 pre-loaded courses, yardages and hazard warnings, and detailed information on all the course layups and bunkers. Neil has made some updates to their earlier entry-level GPS watch by increasing the total of hazard listings to for each hole. The only downside to this watch is that it doesn’t have an inbuilt score keeping system and it does not sync to your smart phone since it has no clue to support.

Golf Buddy BBBand

Sky Caddie Golf the Sky Caddy may not be the most aesthetically pleasing watch on the market, but what it lacks and looks at mixups warned features. The watch comes preloaded with 30,000 ground can corrected courses, and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a top-notch smart watch. You’ll get digital scoring shot distance, and a water resistance of up to 30 m. And this is another one of those units that also contains an odometer, which will allows it to double as a fitness tracker and to top it all off the watch also contains a stopwatch.


Is no doubt about it, the Callaway has a has its competitors be when it comes to features and price. Preloaded with 30,000 international courses and of course you access to all of the usual tracking features, such as distances to green layup and carry distances, and hazards and dog legs. The watch can all do auto course recognition, although old advance and short distance measurements. And of course it is also includes a scorekeeper function. If that weren’t enough, is another watch to contains an odometer which is handy for on golf related activities.

Golf buddy PT 4

The PT for is an upgraded unit that has a new capacitive touchscreen and is much slimmer than its pre-predecessor for it. The various modes on the device are well-designed and its large screen allows it to display a lot of information at once. The device comes with 37,000 reloaded international courses We especially liked its fixed labs and allows for pinpoint accuracy and courses you never even played. The battery life is on the low side coming in around 7-hours but that should be enough to last you for at least two rounds are so.

Golf Buddy WT 5

When looking at the golf buddy watch the first thing that comes to mind is its incredible sleekness. The unit is also very easy to use and has an incredibly speedy interface especially when updating your yardage. Additionally, the watch can do scorekeeping and distance measurements as an added bonus. And you also get access to the over 37,000 international courses. This watch can easily be worn as a normal watched any social function due to its inherent good looks.

Score Brand Golf

There’s no doubt about it, the Score Brand is easily one of the most affordable golf lunches we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately that comes at the cost of some stripped-down features. You will get access to hazard information, hole view, auto advance, and score keeping functions but little else. Watch also comes pre loaded with 27,000 courses. We found that the watch also asked pretty decent battery life coming in around 10+ hours.

Garmin Vivoactive

The Vivoactive is more of a fitness tracking device than a golf watch, but it does include some interesting golf tracking features nonetheless. You get precise yardages, layup distances and of course GPS maps all of your favorite courses. And indeed the screen seems built for sunlight – we had no trouble reading it in  full direct light. The Visual Active is more of a jack of all trades device rather than a dedicated golf watch but it will fill that role just fine.

Thats a Wrap​

Golf Digest Editor’s Choice for Best Golf Simulator, the SkyTrak Simulator has completely revolutionized the golf industry and allows you to enjoy an amazingly realistic golf experience virtually anywhere – including right in your own home.

We’ve  written several articles on SkyTrak and its array of features, so we won’t bog you down with all of that here, but this simulator gives golfers real-time practice with instant and accurate feedback on some of golf’s most legendary courses. SkyTrak pairs with your laptop or tablet and takes you along a variety of playing options, whether you want to practice your putting or driving skills, or play a full 1holes. The advanced techonology of the simulator takes into account ball speed, launch angles and dozens of other data points to accurately measure and record each shot. Imagine being able to golf at Augusta National, St. Andrews and Congressional Club all without stepping foot of the house! That’s exactly what you’ll get to experience with the SkyTrak.

Golf Laser Rangefinders

Bushnell Pro XRangefinder. Using the Pro X2, golfers can get pin readings within a 1/2-yard accuracy and up to 450 yards away. The Pro Xfeatures  both standard and slope edition readings, and is easily changed with the toggle of a switch right on the device.

It’s true, there can only be one “best” rangefinder out there, but honestly we’re torn between these two models. The best answer is it really comes down to preference. What sets the GX-5iapart from its competitors is the use of Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) which is the most powerful and accurate system rangefinders have to offer.

It also features True Golf Range (TGR). This means the display is incredibly accurate because in addition to measuring the distance of a shot, the rangefinder takes into account incline/decline measurements, current temperatures and even the altitude at which you’re playing. That’s Leupold’s version of the slope features on other devices and offers unparalled accuracy.

With the Club Selector feature, the GX-5igives you range information and club recommendations that match up to the slope of a particular shot and even a certain golfer’s hitting strengths. Simply put, this rangefinder gets to know you and your habits over time to create a more personalized partnership on the course.

For the dad who’s more of a runner, Garmin’s fenix lineup makes for the perfect gift. Part GPS watch and part fitness tracker, the demand for this watch has been off the charts, and for good reason. The fenix tracks your activities in everything from day-to-day errands to biking and hiking, even sports like golf and swimming. It offers advanced runner dynamics and feedback, things like real-time heart rate, recovery times and lactate threshold.

The best part about this gift? While it is easily the best GPS watch to use while burning those calories, the fenix is perfect for everyday use, too. With an available Sapphire edition, the watch is stunningly beautiful, with a bold watch face that delivers crisp and clear readings, whether you’re checking your step count, monitoring the afternoon’s weather or deciding whether or not to reply to the boss’s email (nah, save it for later). The fenix is truly the most complete GPS watch out there and a gift that will pay dividends for years to come.

Golf Game Trackers

The Arccos 360 is essentially a golf tracking system. A small device is easily attached to the top of the club, and records everything from distances to accuracy with each swing. Then, that data is transferred automatically to the Arccos app on your smartphone, allowing you to relive your round and improve your game.

What’s great about the Arccos 360 system is the fact that you simply don’t have to do anything extra or different: simply attach it to your club and get to golfin’. The sensor even has a battery life of up to two years, so there’s no charging required. And having the data land right on your smartphone makes it convenient to track your progress or brag to your co-workers about that shot on the 15th.

In addition to being a stat tracker, the Arccos 360 also acts as a golf GPS. The app provides one-touch front, middle and back readings on more than 40,000 golf courses, meaning you can forget the GPS watch or tracker and simply take advantage of Arccos 360’s versatility.

Faster Play

We all hate slow golfers. The guy striding out the yardages from the 100 yard sprinkler head. Look and go. That’s all it is with a golf GPS watch. That’s how quick and easy it is to check your yardage. No walking around the fairway trying to find the yardage sprinkler head or the 150 maker in the overgrown bushes.

Data Collection

How far do you hit your iron comfortably? Are you confident your answer is accurate? Do you really know or are you guessing? A rangefinder is not only a yardage tool, it’s a data collecting device. After using a golf rangefinder for a few weeks you will begin to collect your own personal data and know your yardages with all your irons. This data is collected in a number of ways depending on the golf rangefinder device you are using.

For example, most golf GPS watches can be connected to smartphones and computers for post round analysis. You can record and review how far you hit each shot, and the GPS watches can do this automatically. Laser rangefinders won’t record this for you but after a few weeks you will no without thinking what club you need to hit that yardages after using the rangefinder on each shit. Or you can manually take note of each yardage.


Compared with its predecessor the WT3, the WTfeatures a slimmer built, which makes for a more comfortable wear. With just a touch of the unit’s press and hold buttons, you can use features like pin placement and the Dynamic Green View. The whole package of this golf GPS watch also comes with a completely rechargeable battery build in the watch.


One of the premier brands in the golf rangefinder business, GolfBuddy has an aim to provide nothing but the most innovative and precise in terms of rangefinders. The company is based in the sunny location of La Palma, California and is known for topnotch electronic goods.

Once put into golf mode, the central screen will reveal the course’s back, front and center. It will also display the left or ride sides of the green if needed, its full shape, the green’s yardages, hole number, par data, and your own location.

The unit has adjustable pin placements. The Dynamic Green View feature displays the form of the course and it will also provide the distances from your line. Selections for the pin placements are available in Dynamic Green View if you need more precise data other than the distances and positioning.

Targets and hazards are included in the WTto save your strokes. You will see as much as 1targets and hazards per hole.

The WT5’s chief feature is its accurate flow of yardages from the user’s viewpoint; the user will see the yardage’s front, back and middle in an instant. By just pressing one of the buttons, the user will be able to see the hazards that lay close to the green.

The pin placement feature is also one great addition to its accurate course data details. The product has the knack to calculate the distinction concerning your opening shot and the location where your ball settles if you want to gauge the distance once you swing your shot.

The Shot Tracking option is also a good tool; it permits users to display how far their shots pulled through. Just press on the unit’s upper right button to display the shot tracking mode and once you have reached your ball, you just do the whole bit once more.

The unit comes with a USB cable for recharging batteries. However, be sure that you have a ready car USB adaptor in case a computer is not accessible for charging. A battery that was charged in maximum will last for a good hours in GPS mode and 3days if you are not using its golf GPS features.

The unit is similar in looks with its brother GPS watch, but as mentioned earlier, is slimmer and more comfortable to wear. It comes in great color combos and looks as sporty as the WTRegarding the typeface on the screen; the font and the numbering were clear and easy to decipher.

Garmin Approach SGPS Golf Watch

Style and functionality have come together to create the Garmin Approach SIt comes preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses around the world, so you’ll have a great time wherever in the world you are. The watch is very useful. It provides exact yardages in the green, as well as layup and dogleg distances.

It can also calculate your shot distances and provide you with a digital scorecard so you can concentrate more on the game. The battery lasts for up to three weeks on watch mode, and up to eight hours on GPS mode. This watch will take you where you need to go and take your golf game to the next level so you can impress your colleagues.

Garmin Vívoactive

If your interests are a little more diverse, this is the best golf GPS watch for you. The Garmin Vívoactive has a number of GPS-enabled sports apps including golfing, running, biking, and swimming. You can view your stats on the watch and easily keep track of your progress. The watch is very thin and the screen is readable in sunlight, making it one of the best watches for outdoor activities.

You can also pair the watch with your iPhone so you can receive the notifications your phone is getting on the watch itself. The battery lasts for three weeks in watch mode and hours in GPS mode. As far the best GPS golf watches go, it doesn’t get any better than this model.

Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

It accurately measures yardages and hazard and layup distances. The battery can last for over three rounds of golf, and it can last for two years in watch mode. The watch is ready to be used right out of the box, and it comes with a USB charging and sync cable for convenient charging as well as course updates and guides. I would say this is the best GPS watch for golf if you are on a tighter budget.

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

Have you ever wanted to play like the pros? The Bushnell Neo Ion is allowed in professional tournaments and can keep up with the demands of pro golfers. It last for three rounds on a single charge and comes preloaded with over 35,000 courses in 30 different countries. Not only does it provide hazard and layup distances, it also provides auto course recognition and auto hole advance.

The screen and its display are calibrated and designed to be easy to read at a glance, even in harsh sunlight. You easily can focus your energies on your game with the Bushnell Neo Ion.

GolfBuddy GPS Rangefinder GolfBuddy Voice Wristband

This GPS rangefinder can help you conveniently look at the calculated distance without the need to push the button to listen by voice. You can decide to look at the small screen to get your range in case you may be obstructed by noise. This is a special feature available in only very few GPS rangefinders. Another good thing about this product is the price. You can’t possible see another GPs rangefinder with great features and still sold at a considerable price. When you purchase the GolfBuddy Voice wristband, you are definitely assured of accuracy and efficiency in reading yardage.

Wristband for GolfBuddy GPS Rangefinder

If you are someone who always prefers something simple and easy to wear, you’ll definitely love this rangefinder. It can be clipped unto your shirt or visor for ease of accessibility. This simple device is very popular among professional golfers who understand the need to play with a measuring tool that helps them get a clear target from a distance. This wrist band is properly designed and can comfortably fit on nearly every wrist. If you are worried about any interference, it will definitely not obstruct your golf swing.

The Golfbuddy Wristband is resistant to cold, heat, or sweat, which makes it great to be worn in any weather condition. While the device is on your wrist, distant readings are promptly available, making it ideal on the wrist than clipping it to a belt or cap.

Golf GPS Watch

Out on the course, eliminating worrying thoughts or fear can produce great results because you tend to swing freely and focus on what is truly important.  Knowing what lies ahead can make a huge difference when selecting a club and committing to a shot.  The best players around the world use rangefinders to find exact yardages for their rounds.  Tour professionals will use rangefinders in their practice round to help dial in distances when they truly need it in competition. Finding the best golf GPS watch that can deliver reliable distances, will transform any player into a more confident golfer.

There are a ton of factors to weigh against each other in this golf GPS watch review, to help find the right fit for you.  Some of the factors include: the amount of courses available, weight of the watch, durability, waterproof or not, distances available (to green, hazards, layups, etc.), smart phone connection possibility, the screen on the face of the watch, band comfort, price, and reliability.  Some of the factors may be more important to you depending on the type of game you play. Without a doubt, most rangefinders will benefit a player in finding yardages quickly and reliably, but the extra features are where each watch will separate itself from the rest of the field.

TomTom Golfer GPS Watch

Along with recording shots distances, the TomTom can act as a virtual scorecard without the use of a pencil or paper.  You can then upload each round to compare statistics from previous rounds.  A unique thing to TomTom is the ‘Ultimate Round’ feature which will take the best holes from rounds that have been played at the same course and put it all together.  It is an interesting view on your game because it shows you the possibility of going low; you have done it once before and can do it again.

The Perfect Fit

In this golf GPS watch review, many products were compared with different qualities and features. Rangefinders, in theory, should deliver the same results.  With so many options to deliver yardages out on the course, products vary in many ways. Choosing which distances you would like to see in your game could depend on your skill level or need for yardages. If you are a more precise, plotter-of-the-golf-course player then you may want all of the distances available on a watch; if you are a “it-plays-about 150” type player than a device with center distances could suffice.  Weighing all of the factors and features against each other will yield the right fit for you and your game.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your golf gps wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of golf gps



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