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Best backlit keyboards 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2023

Arnold SimmonsMy name is Arnold Simmons. I spent 51 hours researching and testing 15 different types of backlit keyboards and found that material, variety of sizes, and style were most important.

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. So, you will find reviews on some models of backlit keyboards that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best backlit keyboards of 2018

On that note, I review the three best backlit keyboards of 2018 to help you get value for your money. You must have heard that the best backlit keyboards should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below. There are dozens of choices for an backlit keyboards these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
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№1 – Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard — Backlit Keyboard

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard — Backlit Keyboard

Brightly backlit keys with illuminated characters for easy typing, even in the dark, compatible:Windows XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
PerfectStroke key system makes every keystroke more comfortable, fluid and quiet.No batteries needed: recharge quickly with the included universal micro-USB cable
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this backlit keyboards win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.
















№2 – Logitech K810 Wireless Bluetooth Illuminated Multi-Device Keyboard for PC

Logitech K810 Wireless Bluetooth Illuminated Multi-Device Keyboard for PC

Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth technology: Press one button to instantly switch between typing on your PC, tablet and smartphone
Sharp, bright backlit keys: Type easily, even in the dark, thanks to automatic illumination which adjusts to the level of light in the room
Lack of durability.
A little pricier than some of the other .

Why did this backlit keyboards come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice.
















№3 – Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard

Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard

Easy to Read Keys: Large print keys to reduce eyestrain and promote productivity.
Tri-Color Backlight: Select between red, blue, or purple backlight illuminations.
Quick Access Keys: Built-In multimedia and quick-access hotkeys.
Not the most affordable on the market.
Less durable.

Why did this backlit keyboards take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















backlit keyboards Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy backlit keyboards, right? No!

Awkward cable position

Made by the Japanese Topre Corporation, the Realforce is, as its name suggests, a force of nature in the keyboard world. It’s all down to the Topre switches inside, which in contrast to Cherry’s MX switches, are super smooth to type on and are often compared to playing weighted piano keys. The RealForce comes in both 45- and 55-gram configurations, though which one you buy depends on the importance of key weight. Oh, and we should probably mention that neither come cheap.


So long as you don’t mind losing some of the “thock” sound associated with a regular Realforce keyboard, opting for a silenced model like the 10UBS lets you reap real benefits. Hitting the 10UBS’s keys produces sound on a par with membrane keyboards, so it’s perfect for busy offices or shared bedrooms. The “dampened” feel of Topre’s silenced switches can feel a little bit like typing on sandpaper compared to non-silenced Topre, but we found that it’s worth the trade-off if you want a much quieter keyboard.

No media functions

Filco’s keyboards tend to be built like tanks, and the Majestouch TKL is no different. This space-saving mechanical keyboard features a compact tenkeyless design that has less than 1cm of space between the edge of the keys and the keyboard. Its durability doesn’t simply allow it to stand up well to knocks and scrapes – it has a positive impact on its typing feel too. You can hammer away on it at speed, even bottoming out to your heart’s content, and the Majestouch will take every bit of punishment.

No arrow keys

Somewhat legendary in keyboard circles, the PFU Happy Hacking Professional (or HHKBas it’s usually referred to) is that rare beast – a 60% Topre keyboard. Aimed at coders but fantastic for document warriors too, it foregoes traditional arrow keys, instead making use of function keys and key combinations to provide such functionality. It only takes a short while to get used to, once you’ve got there the huge benefit is that the HHKBis small and light enough to take anywhere, giving you access to that sweet Topre “thock” sound and feel anywhere, anytime.

Big and bulky

Remember IBM’s legendary Model M keyboard? That’s what the Unicomp Classic 10sets out to imitate. Available in USB and PS/versions, it uses a buckling spring switch that takes more effort to depress than just about every other switch type. You’re rewarded with a tactile response that recalls the classic mechanical keyboards of old, along with a noise that would drive your co-workers insane.

No volume rocker

Some keyboards just ooze class, and the Das Keyboard Prime 1is one of them. Its features a solid aluminum top panel for added rigidity and a very minimalistic look. With Cherry’s MX Red or Brown switches under the keycaps, you’re given a choice between linear and non-linear offerings with a range of actuation points.

It’s a great option for media enthusiasts thanks to side lit media control and the inclusion of white backlighting is another bonus. It’s not the most affordable keyboard on our list, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more premium, Das is the way to go.

Awkward layout

Almost entirely designed with keyboard enthusiasts in mind, the Happy Hacker Keyboard Professional dispenses with many so-called keyboard traditions. This keyboard’s design is absolutely breathtaking, getting rid of a ton of keys in order to create a keyboard that’s sleeker and more compact than almost anything else on the market. Plus, the Topre key switches feel amazing. The only drawback, unfortunately, was the decision to remove all the function keys and arrows, relegating them to function commands on other keys – this makes switching to this keyboard a hassle to say the least. However, if you’re a fan of niche keyboards, and you don’t mind dropping a pretty penny (or pence) on a new board, you really can’t go wrong with this piece of kit.

It goes without saying that if you demand the look and feel only mechanical switches can provide, rather than those that are slim and stealthy, we suggest perusing our best gaming keyboards round-up instead.

Gamers prioritize the actuation that clicky feeling mechanical keyboards bring, whereas traditional home and office users are more about practicality. That said, the sheer magnitude of sound produced by a lot of mechanical keyboards is offputting to some. For those folks, we have some membrane keyboards to recommend as well.

USB port on Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate 201Edition

TENKEYLESS MODELS. A recent trend has been toward “tenkeyless” or TKL models in a vendor’s line. These are shorter versions of a keyboard without a numeric keypad, meant mainly for gamers. TKL keyboards save space on the desktop and allow for your hands to be held closer together during gameplay. They also save the keyboard maker money (fewer of the pricey mechanical switches are needed!), and they therefore tend to be a bit cheaper, all else being equal. A TKL board is a matter of personal preference, but make sure you don’t buy one in error if that’s not exactly what you want.

Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid-i, a “tenkeyless” board.

DEDICATED SHORTCUT KEYS. These, again, are found in keyboards meant primarily for gamers. They tend to be fewer in number than on non-mechanical gaming keyboards. Also note that not all mechanical gaming keyboards use mechanical switches under every key. Shortcut or media keys tend to be the ones that don’t, if there’s a mixture.

GAMING SOFTWARE (OR NOT). As you’d expect, you’ll tend to find a dedicated macro/profile utility in gaming-focused boards, but not all gaming keyboards come with one. Logitech, Corsair, and Razer, among others, tend to include their own “overlay” utilities that can govern shortcuts, macros, game-profile settings, and lighting schemes across your whole game collection. The functionality can get quite sophisticated.

You’ll want to look at our individual reviews for details on what’s programmable and what’s not in a given keyboard’s software. Gaming-keyboard models that are more basic may lack any such software and leave you to rely only on the key-shortcut settings within each game, but that is sufficient for many players. Other models may lack a software utility but implement basic macro-recording and -playback functionality purely in hardware.

Macro creation in the Logitech Gaming Software

Which kind is best for you is your call, depending on how serious your gaming is. The models with the dedicated software utilities tend to be the most sophisticated and pricey, all else being equal. The main utilities from the major makers are Logitech’s Gaming Software, Razer’s Synapse and Chroma (the latter governs key backlighting and LED bling), and Corsair’s Utility Engine, or CUE (which was recently given a rework with the rollout of the aforementioned K9RGB Platinum.

What to Look For

Unless money is extremely tight, the most important feature in a gaming keyboard is a set of mechanical switches. Most membrane models simply don’t measure up, due to shallow key travel and a lack of tactile feedback. RGB lighting is a common feature, but also one that can add dozens of dollars to a keyboard’s price tag. Look for it if you want your keyboard to match the rest of your gaming setup. Extra macro keys are useful for gamers who play a lot of MMOs or competitive shooters. Tom’s Guide also has a comprehensive primer on how to find the right keyboard for your setup.

On the other end of the spectrum, if budgeting is your primary concern, we’ve also rounded up the Best and Worst Cheap Keyboards you can buy. None of them can match a dedicated gaming keyboard, but some are better than others if you just need to play a few casual titles now and then.


The percentage is meant to be a rudimentary term for determining the size of a keyboard, which sometimes (but not always) correlates to the features available on said keyboard.

Know What’s Worth Paying For

This one is something you’ll have to research or experiment with — preferrably both.

When talking about computer peripherals, the computer keyboard is the unsung hero.

Choose Your Switches Wisely

Ah, switches. This is a huge part of the mechanical keyboard experience. Knowing what you intend to use the keyboard for and what levels of noise, travel distance, and bump you desire will allow you to narrow down your options considerably.

By far, the most popular switches are Cherry MX, and they come in multiple varieties that offer different features depending on just what you are looking for. Remember, one of the biggest perks for going mechanical is the level of customizability it offers.

There are dozens of switches available, so we’re only going to explore three of the most popular. There’s a good chance that one of these will suit you, but if you really want something more specific, I assure you it’s out there.

Cherry MX Black

These switches offer no tactile or audio feedback. That means you don’t feel any bump upon actuation, nor will you hear any noise. The actuation process is uniform throughout the entire travel distance and feels the same when you start the keystroke all the way to bottoming it out, and back.

Cherry MX Blue

This switch has a slight bump and a clicking sound that you’ll hear upon actuation. Pressing the key to about the halfway point actuates it, so unlike the Black, you don’t need to bottom it out in order to get the job done.

Cherry MX Brown

This is almost the same switch as the Blue, only it’s much quieter. You still have a short travel distance and halfway point actuation, but without the loud click with each press.

This is great for those that want the shorter travel distance of the blue, but work in an office or around others and don’t want to annoy them with the noise.

Finding the Right Fit

Maybe your old keyboard has typed its last letter. Perhaps your gaming ambitions have left you dissatisfied with the mediocre model that came with your desktop PC. Or maybe the one you have still works fine for what it is, but isn’t as comfortable and sturdy as you’d prefer. Whatever the reason, anyone can benefit from a better keyboard. After all, is there any part of your computer more hands-on than your keyboard? For these reasons, and more, it pays to know what makes a one a good fit.

Keyboards come in a variety of types, from those optimized for efficiency to sculpted ergonomic designs that cradle your hands and relieve stress on the joints. When shopping for a keyboard, here are a few specific features to look for.

Layout and Ergonomics

In order to help users stave off carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury, many keyboards are available with designs that put your hands into a neutral position as you type. The result is not only greater comfort, but reduced stress to the joints and tendons, ultimately helping you to avoid painful inflammation and expensive surgery. Ergonomic features can range from the simple—like padded wrist rests—to the elaborate, with keyboards that curve and slope.

Keys and Switches

One aspect of keyboard design that you’ll see mentioned in reviews—but that most people don’t give a second thought—is the type of switches used for individual keys. You may not care about the specific mechanisms that reside beneath the keys, but you will certainly feel the difference. The three primary types of switches are silicone dome switches, scissor switches, and mechanical switches.

Budget keyboards, such as those that come bundled with new desktop PCs, generally use silicone-dome switches, which use two dimpled layers of silicone membrane that form a grid of rubber bubbles or domes as the switch for each key. The springiness of the silicone rubber makes for a soft, mushy feel as you press each key. The switch type also requires you to “bottom out” with each keystroke, pressing the key to the bottom of the key well to type a letter. And because repeated flexing of the rubber membrane causes it to break down, silicone dome switches lose their springiness and responsiveness over time.

Some newer keyboards mimic the low-profile, chiclet-style keyboards found on full-size laptops and ultraportables. While a few of these use plain silicone dome switches, many use a scissor switch, which adds a mechanical stabilizer to each key for a uniform feel, and an attached plunger under each keycap allows for shorter key travel. As a result, scissor-switch keyboards have a shallow typing feel, but are generally more durable than rubber dome switches alone.

One thing that makes this keyboard very easy to use is that it is equipped with a non-slip design. This is perfect for gaming because you certainly would not want to stop mid-way because the unit slipped off from your grip. As a result, you can enjoy the best gaming comfort and performance with this model.

Ultra-thin Sensitive Reaction

Because of its ultra-thin design, combined with sensitive reaction, you no longer have to keep pressing a key just to give the command that you want. Along with your press, the keys react instantly, allowing you to enjoy your game without any distraction caused by momentary stopping and re-pressing of the keys.

Laser Carving Characters

The use of laser carving characters in this keyboard serves different purposes. For one, it makes performance swifter, and more comfortable to the touch. At the same time, it adds to the aesthetic beauty of the keyboard.

Exposed Metal Frame

This is by far, the most visible change done on this model. The upper part of the keyboard is made of a single metal piece, wrapping around its top edge, through the key area, and going down to its tapered bottom lip. Since it does not use a stylized, bulky plastic shell, it feels smaller horizontally and vertically, more comfortable to your grip.

Cable Routing Option

Even though having a detachable cable is more preferred on most semi-custom and premium mechanical keyboards, the use of cable routing option with the BlackWidowX is an enhancement because it has turned this keyboard into a huge mobile and portable model.

Razer Synapse Software

This keyboard is also operated using the Razer Synapse software. With the use of this tool, you can store and program up to macro profiles using the macro editor, storing it on the PC. This only means that if you are planning to use this keyboard to tournaments, the software can easily create a customizable installation of the driver using all the saved settings. Some lighting patters are also available.

Chroma Backlighting Brightness

The backlighting of this keyboard has been dialed a notch back so that it does not project a rainbow on the ceiling anymore. However, it may still be configured accordingly to show a gorgeous display of millions of different colors, 16.million to be exact. Since the upper mounted LEDs only lights the top portion up, the company has designed the bottom half as opaque.

Exposed Keys

Another noticeable thing about this model is the use of exposed keys. This means that they are quite easy to remove, thus making it easier to clean, or to add customized key caps. One thing to note, though, is that the lowest key row are not a standard size, so you may have to find the right match for the sizes.

Bright Backlighting

In order to make it easier for users to read the keys, the characters of the keyboard are laser-etched, and with bright backlighting features. As such, you can still continue with gaming even when playing in dimly lit or dark rooms. You can also automatically adjust the level of brightness for various lighting conditions.

PerfectStroke Key System

This key system even distributes force evenly through the surface of the keys, making each keystroke performed comfortable, quiet and fluid. The soft rounded concave keys properly position your fingers, helping them to glide from one key to another.

Recharge Anytime

With this keyboard, there is no need for you to deal with disposable batteries. You can charge anytime, allowing you to do quick charging, through the use of a micro-USB cable. The best part is that you can do so even when you are still typing. A single charge can give you about days battery life.

Logitech Unifying Receiver

A small unifying receiver can be attached to the computer. All you need to do is to plug it in, forget all about it, and add a mouse or number pad that is compatible to it, without having to deal with several USB receivers. The wireless connection is strong and advanced at 2.GHZ.


The trackpad for this keyboard serves as the mouse of the unit. This is one thing that makes this design a standout, because you no longer need to use a mouse with this keyboard. In fact, there are dedicated left and right mouse buttons for assisting the clicks, as well as in doing a double tap to complete a right mouse movement.

Programmable Function Keys

This gaming keyboard can also be customized, as the function keys can be programmed. Every gamer or user has his or her own preferences regarding the use of keys. With this feature, you can experience convenience in any activity you need to use this keyboard for.

Operating systems:Windows

Corsair is one of the pioneering and biggest manufacturers of mechanical keyboards. They have entered the market slowly with a single keyboard, but expanded when a sister company decided to focus on the distribution of gaming-related accessories. The success of the company is attributed primarily to their exclusive deals with the company Cherry, considered as the most reputable mechanical key switches manufacturer.

Let’s take a look at one particular product under this brand, the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Keyboard. This mechanical gaming keyboard makes great use of space, allowing the keys to have some room for breathing, while offering the user a huge, textured, and detachable wrist rest. It is also equipped with several features that make it a good option as a gaming keyboard.

This gaming keyboard is not called as the best silent gaming keyboard for nothing. When we tested it right after unboxing, we immediately noticed that it is designed to highlight the Cherry MX Speed keys. The keys come in an attractive silver color, featuring a shorter actuation compared to standard Cherry keys.

As such, they are neither noisy nor extremely silent, but they offer a good level of silence that will be appreciated if you love gaming. The speed keys of this keyboard only need the lightest tap in order to activate, making the most for twitch-based gamers. This may come as a drawback for daily typing, as there can be imprecision compared to a regular membrane keyboard. However, as a gaming keyboard, this is a great option to consider.

Cherry MX Speed Keys

These keys are designed in order to have the fastest switches. If you are familiar with the well reputed Cherry performance, you certainly recognize its capability when used for playing the best games available. This keyboard is effective for both casual and competitive gaming.

RapidFire Responsiveness

This feature will allow you to compete even at the highest level, as it offers lightning quick responsiveness. Combined with 100% anti-ghosting technology, you are allowed to strike the keys with an interesting combination of precision and speed.

Lighting Effects

Even though the keyboard in itself is not backlit, the unit still comes with a lighting effect which offers enough light while gaming. What makes it interesting is that if you play in a dark room, it seems that there is an angry monster staring at you from your table.

Centrophorus Mouse

This mouse is especially designed for gaming. It comes with weights, and a braided cord. This mouse is light up using LEDs, with variety in brightness depending on your actual DPI settings. Since it comes with two side buttons, you can change it to which ever function you want it to be.

Anti-Ghosting Keys

The use of anti-ghosting keys in this keyboard means that you can expect flawless, simultaneous operation of its 1non-conflicting keys. The WASD keys are also interchangeable, with WIN keys which can be disabled easily for gaming.

Anti-Skid Mats

The buttons of the keyboard come with two anti-skid mats. These additional features prevent the keyboard from sliding while you are playing. You certainly would not want to be disturbed while playing just because the keyboard will not stay in place like you would want it to.

Splash Resistant Design

If you are a gamer who likes having drinks by your side, one problem that you would want to avoid is damaging your keyboard due to liquid exposure and spills. This keyboard, however, is equipped with a splash resistant design, thus protecting the keyboard against liquid accidents. It even has drainage holes at the back to allow water to easily pass through, just in case.

Ergonomic Design

If you take a closer look at this model, you would likely notice that it comes with an oversized spacebar. This makes the use of this keyboard more comfortable and convenient at the same time.

Custom Membrane Keys

This keyboard uses custom membrane keys which offer satisfactory key presses, effective for longer gaming sessions. As such, you no longer have to worry about the keyboard getting damaged earlier due to continuous gaming use.

Full LED Backlit

Both pieces in the combo feature a blue backlight. This means that you can experience and improved visibility when gaming, even in low-light areas. This is particularly valuable for gamers who would like to turn their lights off in order to experience an intense gaming experience.

Operating systems:PC

Razer is considered as the leader in creating high performance gaming software, hardware and systems. In fact, the company motto says “For Gamers. By Gamers.” Through the years, the company has evolved into the brand of gaming lifestyle, connecting with all types of gamers.

Razer has introduced a line which uses Chroma for its backlighting features. One specific product under this category is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It is also designed for gaming, featuring the Razer’s Green Switches, which is by far, faster compared to the actuation force of the Cherry MX Blues.

Purchasing a product under the Razer brand is already a good catch. Added to it is the fact that this gaming keyboard comes at a very affordable price, making it the best gaming keyboard under 100. While it may be quite challenging to use as a keyboard for daily typing, it is ideal for gaming.

When we tested this keyboard, the first thing that got us attracted to it is the backlighting that uses Chroma features. It is something that helps users to customize the way their keyboard looks. The backlighting is simply gorgeous, regardless of the color that you select. The keys are lit evenly, without a lot of light leakage on the key edges.

Keys Layout

The first, and one of the most important things that can be noted about the keys of this model is that it stayed away from the standard in the industry – the use of Cherry MX switches. It uses exclusive switches under the Razer brand, equipped with high actuations, as well as very satisfying clicky noises.

Razer Synapse 2.0 Software

This program enables you to reassign keys, program macros as well as activate a gaming mode easily. When this happens, you can also disable some keys which may minimize the game. On top of that, you can also have control over the extensive backlights of the keyboard.

Macro Recording

Another main selling point of this model is the macro recording. Starting a recording needs you to tap a combination of buttons. While the process has stayed the same since its earlier models, it is still a huge magnet to most gamers.


Another thing that is fascinating about this model is its design. It uses a single lens that is embedded within an opaque black plastic material. With the incorporation of more than 16.million color options, this is ideal for gamers who want to take their gaming level a notch higher.

Customizable Backlighting Options

The backlit keys can help you to locate the keys even in lights out, or low-light condition in playing. There are also hundreds of color options available, enabling you to customize it just the way you like it.

Programmable Keys

This keyboard comes equipped with 2programmable keys, which means that you can have full control over your game. You can also easily setup customizable button profiles for every one of the titles, even creating macros without pausing your game.

Backlit Color

A lot of people think that the backlit color of a keyboard is installed there for mere design purposes alone. While this may be true at a point, there are valid reasons why they are there. For one, if you are in a dark room where you cannot see the keys clearly, having a backlit keyboard will help you see well as you type. The choice of backlit color on your LED gaming keyboard, on the other hand, completely depends on your personal choice and preference. Different models come with one or more backlit color options. It is up to you which one to choose. As a reminder, though, you can choose the color that suits your vision well, otherwise, you may not be comfortable while using your Backlit gaming keyboard.

Number of Backlit

Some models do not just have a single backlit color. In fact, some come in three or more, allowing you to switch among them. While playing in a dark area using your gaming keyboard, your eyes may start to get irritated with the single backlit color guiding your fingers while giving commands to your game. By switching to another color midway, your eyes can get readjusted, allowing you to feel more comfort while playing, or while doing other typing activities. At the same time, you can give your keyboard a different look everytime you change the backlight.


The decision on the dimensions of your gaming keyboard is entirely up to you. We have met some gamers who prefer longer keyboards, as they give them better control of the game. There are also some who prefer smaller ones, such as those who want a portable option for their mobile devices. You may also want to take into consideration the type of game that you will be playing. Some games do not need a big keyboard for playing, while others can be played conveniently with bigger ones.


Color is all about preference. Therefore, you can select a color that will not just meet your needs, but also one that suits your taste. Some gamers prefer colorful keyboards, while some prefer the basic ones, such as having a white gaming keyboard. To some, this helps them to concentrate better on the game. Regardless of your choice, you will be delighted to know that there is a wide array of options out there.

A glorious touchscreen

It’s a convertible two-in-one laptop with a 12.5’’ touchscreen.

It’s powered by an Intel Core mclocked at 2.2GHz CPU with 4GB of RAM. This allows for plenty of power for everyday tasks and decent multitasking capability.

Although it doesn’t have an absurd amount of RAM capacity (some Chromebooks have 6GB or more), it can still handle multiple apps and lots of Chrome tabs running simultaneously.

It comes with a whopping 64GB of SSD storage.

For reference, the standard hard drive capacity for a Chromebook is just 16GB. You can store plenty of images, videos, files, and other data with the hard drive of this size. It’s one of the largest capacities of any Chromebook on the market today.

The Flip is advertised to run a full hours on a single charge. This provides plenty of power that’ll last all day for productivity (or games).

The display is a 14’’ FHD widescreen.

With a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, you can watch movies and play games in full-HD. It comes loaded with Intel HD Graphics 520 so you can stream movies, play moderately-demanding games, and view images in crisp and sharp detail. It’s a widescreen Chromebook with a wide field of view webcam that shows more “picture” in the frame.

Basically, it’ll capture a larger frame so chatting with multiple people is easier.

With the right video conference app, you can host a professional business meeting over your Chromebook.

A modest hardware setup

It’s one of the earliest Chromebooks to ever have a backlit keyboard.

And it also has a decent spec sheet. It’s powered by an Intel Celeron N2840 2.16GHz  processor with 4GB of RAM. It’s got your standard 16GB SSD like how I mentioned earlier throughout the other Chromebook reviews. It’s not that much storage space, but then again, Chromebooks are made to utilize cloud storage from services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The CPU is pretty dated at this point, but it still does the job. It can handle light to moderate tasks like documents, productivity work, and light gaming. The 4GB of RAM is also enough to handle some heavy multitasking as well, but the CPU will probably bottleneck the system.

A lot of modern day Chromebooks still use 4GB of RAM, so it’s not that far behind in RAM capacity compared to now. It’s just the processor that’s relatively weak when you can now get an Intel Core CPU, which is many times faster than an Intel Celeron N2840.

But even then, it should be enough power for students, casual users, and some professions.

With a 13.3’’ IPS display, it puts it right between the HP 1Gand Acer 1Chromebooks.

The screen is FHD with 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can watch all your favorite shows and movies in full HD glory and also play HD games. Even though it’s an older model, it’s still equipped with Intel HD graphics.

It’s got a basic webcam and dual-array microphones so you can chat with friends over Skype or Google Hangouts. It also has all the basic ports you need- USB 3.0, HDMI output, SD Card, security lock, and audio jack. You get an 802.1ac WiFi receiver just like the other laptops on this list, and Bluetooth wireless convexity.

The battery is advertised to run a full hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for a typical work or school day.

It’s good for students and kids. Some professionals can also use it as a beater laptop to lug around since you can get one used for cheap.

It weighs just about pounds and the dimensions are 12.x 8.x 0.inches. It’s not that big nor heavy, so it’s a pretty portable Chromebook that’s good for school, work, business trips, or anything that requires travel.

Color choices

If you care about color, you can also find the Toshiba Chromebook in Aqua, Charcoal, or Rose.

It comes in an array of colors so you can somewhat personalize it. The lids and finishes on these are pretty sleek as well- they’re custom-built with soft matte materials to protect it while not blocking any of the laptop ports.

Impressive spec sheet

For starters, it has an Intel Core i2.0GHz CPU, which is actually one of the more powerful processors.

It’s also equipped with 8GB of RAM, which again, is also quite impressive compared to today’s laptops. There is an upgraded model with an Intel Core iCPU as well, but it’ll cost you a higher price obviously.

It also has 32GB of SSD storage, making it one of the Chromebooks with more storage capacity compared to the average model.

I had the pleasure of demoing this laptop at a big-box retailer so I don’t actually own this Chromebook.

An okay screen

The screen is an IPS 13.3’’ LCD with a resolution of 136x 76pixels. That could be it.

The resolution on this Chromebook is the lowest so far on this list of backlit Chromebooks. It’s also got Intel HD Graphics just like all the other models to push out performance for videos, games, and images. But with the screen being capped at 136x 768, that’s not a real immersive experience. You also have the option to upgrade it to Corning Gorilla Glass for scratch-resistance.

So it’s got a lot of power under the hood, but it does have a less-than-par screen resolution. It doesn’t offer a full HD experience, with the maximum being 720p video.

The battery runtime is also quite impressive.

It can run a full 1hours on a full charge, which is enough for a shift-and-a-half. If you’re putting in 12-hour workdays, the Dell 1seems like a good work laptop. I could also see it being used in classrooms, college, and school, but it’s kind of overkill with its bulky design and price with a mediocre display.

There is a full 1080p display version available, but again, it’ll cost you.

For some reason, this particular Chromebook is rare and hard to find. You can easily buy the 720p version online, but the upgraded iwith a 1080p display is slightly more difficult to find. And if you happen to find it, it’s not cheap.

The return of the Pixel

After the debut of the original Pixel, there were rumors that Google wasn’t going to continue production of its line of first-party laptops.

Then came the fans. Chrome OS fans and owners of the original Pixel were looking forward to the Pixel Eventually, it rolled out in 2015.

So it’s slightly lighter than the 201Pixel.

The display is exactly the same as the previous model. You’d expect an upgraded screen resolution or something, right? But it didn’t deliver.

A lot of other expensive Chromebooks have amazing screens with very high resolutions. Considering that the Pixel is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of Chromebooks, the screen was pretty disappointing.

A much better battery

And the battery has been much improved by almost double. The 201Chromebook Pixel has a battery runtime of 1hours on a single charge.

With the powerful hardware, you’d expect similar performance as the previous generation.

But that’s not the case. The battery is a lot better. So even with a very powerful and fast Chromebook, you can still squeeze out a whole day’s worth of usage from a single charge. That’s pretty impressive.

And lastly, just like the 201Pixel, the 201version has a 720p HD webcam, a glass touchpad, Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen display with multi-touch, a wide 178-degree viewing angle, stereo output speakers, built-in noise-canceling microphones, an elegant aluminum finish, and a backlit keyboard.

Screen Size

That’s right. A big screen isn’t just for movies and games, y’ know.

Not only do writers in 201need their documents big, bright, and easy to read, they need a screen that can handle rigorous researching.

The days of a lone writer smoking a cigarette and tapping away on a typewriter are gone. Today’s writers have 60 Google Chrome tabs open, pouring through mountains of research, switching between screens like mad scientists, and searching for multimedia to help their writing come to life.

For this reason, a dinky 10″ screen probably isn’t going to cut it for most writers.

Battery Life

It’s the tried and true stereotype: A writer plugging away on his screenplay at the local coffee shop.

In some places, a power outlet isn’t always going to be available. And any good writer knows that writing sessions take time — hours, likely — so it’s super important that a blinking red battery signal doesn’t pop up and ruin your creative vibes.

You can’t go wrong with any of these

The HP Notebook ay011nr is a beast. It’s got a nearly 16-inch screen and a massive 1TB hard drive on board out of the box.

That comes at a cost, though, since the laptop weighs in around pounds.

But what you sacrifice in portability you more than make up for in performance. If you’re the kind of writer who wants to seriously hunker down in one place and get totally lost in your work, this is the computer for you.

Its reasonable price tag also makes it a good cheap laptop for writers, since it’s the most affordable laptop on this list, but still packs a powerful punch. In fact, the massive screen size and storage makes this a rival of some of the best desktop computers for writers on the market.

Good stuff to know

This bad boy boasts a battery life between 1and 1hours, and one rest from Laptop Mag confirms it: The Lenovo ThinkPad T460 can realistically run upwards of 1hours on a single charge.

This laptop also scores high in performance and durability, making it an excellent high end choice for any writer in 2017.

The Macbook Air is my top overall laptop for writers, without a doubt.

At under an inch thick and just a hair below pounds, it doesn’t get much smaller or more portable than a Macbook Air unless you’re diving into tablet territory (and even then, it’s debatable).

This is one of the smallest, sleekest machines on the market, and though it’s not the cheapest laptop for writers out there, Macs are known for being super easy to use and reliable.

Another plus for the Macbook Air is its impressive graphics, making this one of the best laptops for writers and photographers, along with anyone who likes to work with video or other multimedia.

No key indicator lights

Arteck HB030B is indeed one of the best wireless keyboards around in the miniature size category, with its list of features that never fail to impress. For starters, the HB030B packs whisper-quiet, low-profile keys that take your fingertips to a whole new level of comfort. Given the compact size of the keyboard this is very impressive since Arteck has successfully maintained the most used hotkeys, allowing users to take full-advantage of the keyboard’s customizability.

The keyboard features an elegant backlighting scheme with adjustable brightness levels, from different colors to choose from; whatever suits you best! This truly boosts up the level of appeal generated by the keyboard, and simply working on it can make the entire experience more enjoyable & productive.

Speaking of tools & utility, the keyboard is powered by a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that works months straight before requiring another recharge. The keyboard offers cross-platform support whether you have a PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or whatever, as long as the device has Bluetooth.

No official support for Mac devices

Good things come in combo packages! Alright, I made that up, but it’s true for the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard + Mouse, which is one of the best wireless keyboard combos in the market.

As the name suggests the “Elite” Keyboard sports a premium build quality, and offers streamlined experience, boosted by the presence of HP’s ultra-responsive mouse. The keyboard boasts an extremely slim profile, and is only half an inch thick making it not only good to look at, but portable as well. The idea is well-suited for a traveling professional or a student who needs a full-sized keyboard for reach max-performance.

The mouse is equipped with a 1000 dpi optical sensor, and works fluidly, fitting perfectly either in right or the left hand. The scroll bar works smoothly, while when put together, the keyboard & mouse suit perfectly! The high-quality sensor makes sure the mouse works on the roughest of surfaces from denim to carpets, maintaining the level of portability set by the keyboard.

The range from the wireless dongle extends to roughly 30 feet and handles both mouse & keyboard without a hitch. It is worth mentioning that the package comes with a nano-receiver that can fit right into your pocket without annoying you.

HP Elite Keyboard has been designed as a chiclet style keyboard, so the user has maximum comfort, quiet and response, for uninterrupted productivity. However, it does lack a wrist rest which it makes up for through adjustable height and a several media keys on the top.

No wrist rest

Mechanical keyboards used to be the norm during the early computer years, especially during the 80s, but were overtaken by rubber-dome keyboards in 90s because of the low cost. Still, they have been alive through the decades, and have had a loyal fanbase, due to their high build quality and superior performance.

These keyboards raise the bar in every possible manner, whether it’s in terms of design, type print methods, construction, LED lighting or quite simply their feel.

Like all other mechanical keyboards, the MINILA Air 6offers tactile feedback, detecting each keystroke before the key bottoms out. This, in turn, means that with just a few hours’ worth of practice you can increase your typing speed by a great deal.

The keyboard brings good tidings for gamers as well, who are stuck with the problem of holding down multiple keys. The MINILA Air 6handles this problem quite nicely with “key-rollover”, allowing up to simultaneous keystrokes at a time.

Technical Jargon

There’s no doubt that a screen with a 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) or 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution provides sharper images, but when the display is only 13, 1or 1inches, the difference may not be significant enough for most people. Also, pushing more pixels uses more electricity, which usually results in lower battery life.

Core iCPU

Even worse, low-end chips such as the Nvidia 940MX or AMD Radeon RM44don’t even help your gaming frame rates much. For example, an HP Spectre x360 15-inch with Nvidia 940MX GPU only managed a frame rate of 15.fps in Rise of the Tomb Raider (at budget settings).

Fingerprint Reader

Like infrared cameras, fingerprint readers let you log in via Windows Hello. Placing your finger on a sensor is definitely more convenient than typing in a password, but it’s no more secure. Windows still forces you to have a password and hackers can log into your computer that way.

WASD 6-Key Cherry MX Switch Tester

This 6-Key Switch Tester incorporates a steel mounting bracket made from the same material as the steel back plate in our keyboards. This provides a more accurate representation of feel and noise when testing the switches. of each type of our sound dampening O-rings are also included. Clear keycaps makes it easily to distinguish which switch and O-rings are being used.

Solid construction. The keys are properly affixed and don’t wobble. The metal bracket is good too- many mechanical keyboards have metal bases, so it’s good to know how the sound can reverberate.

Everything is included. Six keys, with clear keycaps so you can see which key is which, and they even included two sets of rubber o-rings that prevent keys from “bottoming out”, a popular way to make keys quieter and more gentle on your fingers.

Good key choice. The keys present- including the relatively rare MX Clear- highlight all the major styles of Cherry MX key.

Full keys. Nothing was lost, so each key has its contact points intact, meaning they can easily be placed into any keyboard or wired to another project. When you get your mechanical keyboard, you’ll have six replacement keys and spacers.

Make a neat toy, you can easily use this as a finger exerciser.


Hundred of thousands of typing everyday not only make a person exhausted, also the keyboard. One of the biggest benefits of mechanical keyboards is that they’re durable and meant to stand up against heavy use. The keys are rated for dozens of millions of keypresses, which is way above and beyond the standard duty expectation of a membrane keyboard. If you’re the type of person who wants a good keyboard to stick with you for the long haul, or you notice you’re hard on your membrane keyboards, a mechanical could change the way you work.

Some say this is the most elegant feels. It’s said to feel smoother than Cherry, but far more solid than a rubber dome. They’re soft when bottomed out, and are not clicky. They’re only featured on a few, expensive keyboards. They use a combination of a rubber dome and a spring for their mechanism, so it’s said they adopt the best of both worlds.

Special Functions

Most iPad keyboards come with special function keys that directly control your iPad. Examples include keys that adjust the iPad volume, control media playback, activate Siri, go to your home screen, show the onscreen keyboard, or even provide cut, copy, and paste functions.

Weight & Bulk

The type of iPad case often is the biggest factor in its weight and bulk. Folio cases tend to be thin and light, while laptop style cases tend to be thicker and heavier. Keyboard stands are also thin and light, but only protect the screen of the iPad, not the back.


If your going to be with your iPad every day, you better like how it looks! How does it look when it is opened, closed, and in tablet mode? The case type, color, materials, size and bulk all play a role in the aesthetics of your iPad keyboard case.

Viewing Angles

How many viewing angles does the iPad keyboard case provide? Some cases only offer a single viewing angle, while others offer additional viewing angles. Most laptop style cases offer unlimited viewing angles, since the case uses a hinge mechanism.


All iPad keyboard cases support the landscape orientation, but only a few support the portrait orientation. If you are using a keyboard stand, then it will work in both orientations, since the iPad can be placed in the slot either way. Most other cases, however, only work in the landscape orientation – but there are some exceptions which also work in the portrait orientation.


Battery life is usually not a issue since most iPad keyboards work for weeks at a time on a single charge. But you may still want to evaluate factors such as how quickly it charges, how long the battery lasts, and the charging cables provided. At least one brand offers a solar charger that charges your keyboard using ambient light.

Personal experience

I have small hands, so Zowie ZA1fit into my right one like a glove. I am right handed and never tried ambidextrous mice before, so for the first few minutes I felt a bit weird, but as soon as I got into game I completely forgot about that. With this little bugger I started feeling much more confident in landing those flickshots even when trying to do 180 degree turns, where I usually have to lift the mouse. It’s quite simplistic, but it does the job very, very well. I also liked the rubbery cable which provided zero resistance.

Wireless and Slim for On the Go

Ever since the release of the two iPad Pro models and the multitasking, split screen functionality introduced in iOS 9, people are suddenly realizing that their fun little web-browsing, Netflix-watching, game-playing tablet may actually be a serious productivity tool.

New versions of the iPad Air and Mini have more than enough grunt to handle the sorts of jobs that you’d usually have used a home or office notebook for in the past.

The problem is that typing on a touchscreen, even one as good as an iPad’s, is an exercise in frustration. It’s OK for tapping out a password or the occasional social media post, but you probably don’t want to do a thesis or your next novel this way.

Thankfully there are a huge number of wireless keyboards available that will work with your iPad or any other iOS device. Here I’ve collected some of the most popular ones you can buy online today. I’ve listed my top picks first with the rest to follow in no particular order.

Anker Ultra-Slim BT Wireless

It’s a little weird to refer to any mobile BT keyboard as “full size”, but the fact is that most of the keyboards you see are designed for use with 10” tablets (or 9.7” in the iPad’s case), which means that if you have something smaller it may look a little weird and also mess with the extra portability that you get from a mini tablet.

On that front, the Anker keyboard we have here is pretty good. It matches the size of the iPad minis and attached in place of the smart magnetic cover, basically turning your iPad Mini into a little clamshell computer. It’s like having a little Surface Pro in your bag. Just pull it free if you want to use the tablet by itself. Obviously, this means that you can’t use the smart cover at the same time, but swapping them out should be pretty easy.

Because of its small size, typing may be an issue for those with larger hands. However, if you get along fine with the iPad Mini’s on-screen keyboard, this should be an improvement.

Battery life claims are excellent. According to Anker, two hours of charging provides 200 hours of use.

It’s an elegant solution and quite clever. People who have one say that the build quality is good and that the typing experience is similarly satisfying, given how small it all is.

Rii K12BT

This keyboard from Rii, on the other hand, is aimed more at the HTPC crowd who need a pointing device to drive their home theater systems. So it has a laptop-style trackpad bolted on its side.

Indeed, it looks fantastic with its blue accents and black, stainless steel construction. It’s a very modern-looking piece of equipment. It’s also priced very well, and usually you can pick one up for less than fifty bucks.

It is compatible with a LOT of different devices, many of which will really benefit from that trackpad. So if you need one keyboard to work for lots of different devices, this may be a winner for you.

Logitech Keys-To-Go

Logitech is another giant of computer peripherals. My desk is always endowed with products from this company. So without even reading a thing about this keyboard I’m already pretty confident that the quality is going to be great.

If we look at the features, this is a stylish board available in three colors – black, red and teal.

This keyboard is compatible with all iOS devices, including the Apple TV, although I suspect that the Apple watch is not included in that list. It’s OK, Logitech, no one else remembers it either.

This keyboard has full-sized keys! This makes it good for typing, which is also the reason I like the Apple wireless keyboard. It’s also spill-resistant, an often overlooked issue when it comes to travel keyboards. Actually, even stay-at-home keyboards could use more of this type of thing.

Battery life is claimed at months off a full charge. Not the best I’ve seen, but still far more than most of us need off a single charge.

Arteck Ultra-thin Cover

This is actually a set of different folio keyboard cases for the different iPad variants. There are options for the three iPad Minis, the fourth iPad Mini, and then the Air and Air 2.

This is a solid, hinged folio keyboard case that essentially turns your iPad into a clamshell-style laptop. It even has four little rubber feet to keep it from slipping on a desk or coffee shop table.

A two hour charge nets you 100 hours of use, which is par for the course, really. People who have bought it have had positive things to say about the perceived quality of the unit and how it feels when a person is typing. However, it does seem to suffer from wear and tear a bit more than you would expect. Still, the price makes it very attractive.

Who this is for

A cheap Windows laptop is the best option for anyone who needs to run Windows apps and absolutely can’t spend more.

A cheap laptop is a good general-purpose device that covers many different needs, but you should take a few minutes to read our “What Laptop Should I Buy?” guide—even if you think a budget laptop is the best fit for you—to make sure you’re choosing the right device before you drop several hundred dollars.

Care and maintenance

If your laptop came with a bunch of crapware (it probably did), removing the junk will make your computer start up faster, feel speedier overall, and free up storage space. Use the Apps & Features menu in Windows to uninstall unwanted apps one at a time, or use a utility such as The PC Decrapifier or Should I Remove It to clean everything up at once. (If you use a separate utility, don’t forget to uninstall that program when you’re finished with it.) Power users can instead reinstall a clean version of Windows—which, of course, won’t include the bloatware.

What to look forward to

In August 2017, Intel announced its eighth-generation Core processors, which will begin to appear in new PCs in September. Intel says that its U-series processors, the ones that usually end up in ultrabooks and some cheap laptops, will be the first to launch and should be up to 40 percent faster than equivalent seventh-generation Core processors. This is primarily because Intel is shipping quad-core ultrabook chips for the first time—until now, these CPUs have been limited to two cores. That said, we don’t expect the integrated graphics performance or battery life to improve at all, so the new CPUs are not worth waiting for if you need an ultrabook or a budget laptop right now.

In early May 2017, Microsoft introduced Windows S, a streamlined version of the operating system that can run only Windows Store apps, similar to Google’s Chrome OS. New laptops from Microsoft and other manufacturers, such as Acer, Dell, and HP with Windows S have begun arriving. We’ll keep an eye on them to see if any meet our requirements.

The competition

The Aspire E5-553G-198and Aspire E5-553G-14QY models have AMD A12-9700P processors instead of Intel ones. But we’d like to test the performance and battery life of this new generation of AMD processors before making a recommendation.

Jump back.

According to NPD market research, 6percent of people buying Windows laptops in the first half of 201(at any price) chose a 15-inch laptop. (We haven’t dug up any newer data in this regard.) Whether people buy such models because that’s what manufacturers make or whether laptop makers build them because that’s what people buy is a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario. Even the laptop makers we’ve spoken to informally didn’t have a good answer for us.


Business users need a durable, high performance keyboard capable of dealing with fast typing speeds and plenty of use.  Our keyboard case designs are as light and compact as tablets and they’re far easier to transport than a laptop which you’ll really appreciate.


However, it’s important to balance work with play, and the versatility of our case designs will ensure that once their homework is done, they’ll be able to go back to using their tablet for entertainment.

Internet browsing and social media

If your tablet is used primarily for browsing, a keyboard case can still be useful. If you like to browse and chat, a dedicated keyboard will make life far easier.

If you’re an avid on-line shopper you’ll notice the benefits of a dedicated keyboard as soon as you have to fill in an address form.

And if you’re a light computer user in general, it makes sense to have a single device that can do everything you want it to.

Family computing

Thanks to their superior usability and the range of great software available, your tablet PC may already be popular with every member of your family. A keyboard case can only enhance that versatility and are a great way of introducing a young tablet user to typing in an environment they feel safe in.

CM Storm Quick Fire

The labels on key caps may look a little ugly (in my opinion), but hey, if you want, you can change the key caps. Key caps are very durable, all thanks to the laser-marking process. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid also features NKRO via PS/cable, unfortunately, USB still supports only KRO (like any other keyboard). The keyboard also features a removable braided USB cable with cable routing: you can route the cable to back, left, or right if you want.

Programmers who do gaming will like this: Windows keys can be disabled through a switch. They also provide a few extra key caps and and key cap puller.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid comes with a TKL version and Full Size version.

Ducky Shine 5

The first thing that came into my mind when I took a look at the Ducky Shine RGB is: it does shine. Ducky Shine RGB features individually back-lit keys that make it shines like the sun in the dark. Unlike many back-lit keyboards that require software to change the colors and effects of lighting, Ducky Shine RGB does not need that. Ducky Shine RGB provides a way of changing lighting profile by using a combination of keys: Breathing mode, Reactive mode, Aurora mode, Ripple mode, Wave mode. You can also change the level of lighting for each color: Red, Green, Blue.

Ducky Shine RGB is powered by a removable mini-USB cable. The cable is 4.feet long (or 1.meters), enough for basic needs.

By using DIP switches, you can change Ducky Shine to be compatible with Mac. Please refer to manual that come with the keyboard.

Ducky Shine features 2media keys, but these keys (combinations) are disabled by default, so you will have to follow the manuals to bring them up.





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You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the backlit keyboards by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your backlit keyboards wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of backlit keyboards



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about backlit keyboards is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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